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    You chose your profession because you love what you do.
    For a passion-driven woman like you, your job gives you an
    opportunity to shine, to be a valued part of a team. A company.


    But the biggest challenge has been rising in your organisation. It's frowned upon - a woman with a family, who works hard and long hours. You would like to have it all, but it has proven to be difficult.


    When you're working late, you feel guilty towards your children, and when you're at home, you're constantly thinking about your job.


    Actually, you would like to be at school recitals whenever possible or enjoying your time at work without guilt. But you are ambitious and would like to have a higher position in the organisation. Which means you can't afford to leave earlier or come in later. At least not too often.


    Yes, you're frustrated. And you don't know how to deal with this situation. It looks like you'll have to choose, stay at a lower level within the organisation, or be an absentee mother.


    I want to take away that frustration and let you experience how wonderful it can be to be a career driven woman AND mother in the 21st century.


  • Let me help you advance your career and make a name for yourself


    Hi, I'm Phaedra Romney. I'm here to get you the support you need so that your career can thrive!


    As a professional in a big company, you face problems unique to your gender. You are more ambitious and goal-driven than most women. This can enhance the feeling of loneliness. A feeling most ambitious professional women have.

    You are not in this alone. In fact, you CAN’T do this alone. You need others to achieve your goals and help you to grow to the next level. I will help you feel less alone and frustrated.


    By helping you to win people to your cause, whether they are your subordinates, your peers, or your boss. You will know exactly what to do to gain the support and favour you need to advance your career.


    This is your time!


    For centuries now the more-masculine characteristics like, assertiveness, independence, logic, etc., were the traits that earned you the coveted seat at the table. Much more so than what we look at as more naturally feminine ones - empathy, vulnerability, thoughtfulness, emotion - to name a few.


    There was a good reason for that. In the 20th century, the people side of business was less important. Because people were interchangeable. You were expected to do as you were told. And the person who got to lead was the person who knew best how to demonstrate strength and dominate people.


    So, what did a lot of women do?


    Many adopted (or at least tried to adopt) this “male” attitude toward business: competitive, aggressive, overly harsh. The cold and distant leader who uses power to get people to comply and to be seen as 'promotion material'. The problem with this strategy is that it just doesn't work as well for women as it does for men.

    It's time for women to stand up and take their rightful place as the business leaders of the 21st century. The backbone of the companies they work for. While staying true to the person they are - mother, daughter, wife/partner. Woman.

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