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    You started your business because you love what you do.
    For a passion-driven entrepreneur like you, running a business gives you an
    opportunity to serve the customers you want to serve in precisely
    the way that you want, and you're doing great!


    But the biggest challenge has been managing everything yourself. There’s so much to do and think of. The responsibility weighs heavy on you. That makes it difficult to live the life you want.


    Now you have about 5 people in your employ and you want to grow your business. But it's frustrating. There’s a shortage of qualified people in your field of business.

    You have no choice but to hire people with less experience. Often, just out of school. You train them. Mentor them. Make them feel part of the ‘family’. But when push comes to shove (after having trained them), they leave. For a better-paying job at a bigger company.


    You tried everything. Teambuilding sessions, detailed job descriptions, better feedback. You even put a clause in the new-hires’ contract stating that all training costs had to be reimbursed if they left by a certain date.

    Nothing worked. They left for the bigger name, more money, more career opportunities.


    Yes, you're frustrated. And you don't know what else to do.

    You believe you're alone in caring deeply about the business. Due to what you have experienced, you've started to believe that people feel no loyalty to an employer anymore. It’s a problem beyond your control. Due to changing times.


    But sometimes… late at night… you would wonder… Was it your fault? Was there something that you could have done to increase their dedication and commitment to the business, or was it just a pipe dream?


    I want to take away that frustration and let you experience how wonderful growing your business can be, with dedicated people. Who stay longer. And care about the business.


  • Let me help you to grow your business and serve your customers better


    Hi, I'm Phaedra Romney. I'm here to get you the support you need so that your small business can thrive!


    As a woman small business owner, you face problems unique to your gender. This can enhance the feeling of loneliness at the helm of your business. A feeling most entrepreneurs have – male or female.

    You are not in this alone. In fact, you CAN’T do this alone. You need others to achieve your goals and bring your business to the next level. I will help you feel less alone and frustrated.


    By helping you to win people to your cause, whether they are working for you, or not. Whether it be at home or at work. At the bank or at a network event. You will know exactly what to do to gain support and favour.


    This is your time!


    For centuries now the more-masculine characteristics like, assertiveness, independence, logic, etc., were the traits that earned you more respect and acceptance. Much more so than what we look at as more naturally feminine ones - empathy, vulnerability, thoughtfulness, emotion - to name a few.


    There was a good reason for that. In the 20th century, the people side of business was less important. Because people were interchangeable. You were expected to do as you were told. And the person who got to lead was the person who knew best how to demonstrate strength and influence people. The Art of War from Sun Tzu was on the to-read list of many an entrepreneur.


    So, what did a lot of women business owners do?


    Many adopted (or at least tried to adopt) this “male” attitude toward business: competitive, aggressive, overly harsh. The cold and distant leader who uses power to get people to comply. The problem with this strategy is that it makes people afraid to approach you. And it also lessens your ability to be empathic. Empathy is like a muscle, if you don’t exercise it, it won’t grow. Employees who don't feel a connection with you, their leader, will not share their thoughts or ideas with you. Leading to an organization as all the others, with no reason for people to stay and be loyal to you and your business.

    It's time for women small business owners to stand up and take their rightful place as the business leaders of the 21st century. The backbone of our economy.




    In my podcast I will be exploring the way women do business - all over the world.


    With my e-courses and workshops, I will teach you to effectively implement traits usually connected to women, the so-called soft skills, to successfully grow your business.


    In 1-1 coaching sessions, I will help you to be the type of leader you long to be. While remaining true to who you are.


    You can also hire me to speak at your business club or conference. I will inspire you to want to be more of who you are.


    Just fill in the contact form below. Or call. You can even send me an email. I'm happy to answer any questions that you may have!

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  • Comming soon!

    *The 2nd Woman club


    For the entrepreneur who wants more...


    I'm looking for 10 women small business owners to be the foundational members of the 2nd Woman Club. This pilot group of 10 will have the opportunity to influence the look and feel of the club, therefore the price will be extra affordable.


    (*In case you're wondering, the name The 2nd Woman is derived from ‘The 12th Man’, a term often used in 11-player sports, like football/soccer, to emphasize the role fans can have on the outcome of a game.)


    I want to create a community of women business owners who all want to bring success to their own organizations and to their community. We’re going to think of creative new ways of how we can come together to overcome the ‘people challenges’ that we face, while helping the communities we live in.


    Here's what I would like to do


    Our schools are failing a lot of young people. Hundreds of children are home, doing nothing, while business owners like us have problems finding talented employees. I would like to start my own school, the Soft Skills Academy, where high school drop-outs can learn the skills of the 21st century like, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. I like the idea of helping create the labour force of tomorrow.


    Is there something in your community you would like to change?

    Join the 2nd Woman Club.

    We can change things together!


    Interested? Please fill in the contact form.

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